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Island Area: 42 Km2   

  Island coastline: 40 Km

Sikinos (ancient Oinoi) is one of the smaller islands of the Cyclades. Located in the southern part of the complex between Ios and Folegandros. It has an area of 416 km2 and a population of 238 inhabitants. Administrative Sikinos is a municipality since 2010 and comes under Prefecture of Cyclades.

Sikinos Map

The south side is smooth while the north-west is a steep cliff 280 meters in which the town is built on. The island produces fine honey and olive oil and famous wine in the ancient years.

The ancient city is located on the hill of Agia Marina. In Roman and Byzantine times Sikinos fell into obscurity and weakened because of pirate raids. Followed Venetians (Duchy of Naxos) Russians and Turks. The reunification of the island with Greece came in 1829.

The town of Sikinos (Castle) is an excellent example of Cycladic architecture with the church Pantanassa at the center. Main attractions of the island is the castle of the Zoodochos Pigi Fountain (1690) and the Diocese of Roman funerary monument monumental facade (2nd-3rd century AD.) retrofitted into a Christian church.

At the bay resort Alopronia ther is a small fishing pier and shelter. The beaches (Agios Georgios, Agios Panteleimon, Dialiskari) and the unique Black Cave are a magnet for today's visitor of quiet holiday.

Ferry link Sikisnos to Piraeus and the Western Cyclades.