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Ancient Name

Sikinos has been producing lots of grapes and wine since the ancient times. This is why the ancient byname of Sikinos was Oinoi, since "oinos" means "wine" in Greek

The name is dated back to prehistoric times. The first reference of "Sikinos" is made by Solon in 604 B.C.




This man's name is Thoas. He is the king of the island of Lemnos. He is hiding in a trunk.
This is how he fled his home island, as women of Lemnos revolted and slaughtered all males.

The trunk drifted all the way to Oinoi. Here Thoas met a nymph and had a son whom he named Sikinos. The island was named after this man, Sikinos, son of Thoas.




During ancient times the island was believed to be Ionian. From archaeologic and historic remnants scattered all over Sikinos it is assumed that the island has been inhabited since the prehistoric times. It fell into the hands of successive conquerors until, after a brief occupation by the Ottomans, it became part of Greece in 1828.

The oldest references to Sikinos are made by:

  τον Plinius,

τον Xenagoras,

τον Strabo και

   Αρχαίος Χάρτης


Sikinos population

Population census of Sikinos from 1834 to 2001

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