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People of Sikinos are open, welcoming, caring for their land and they are relentless in teasing, outstanding in dancing or singing, and tireless of having fun.

The plan of the municipality for the development of Sikinos is focused on three important points:
   preservation of the island's character and protection of the natural, built and social environment through sustainable development
  encouragement of alternative tourism (cultural tourism, eco tourism, trekking etc)
  establishment of modern infrastructure for the improvement of the everyday life (environmental works, new technologies etc)


Land Cultivation

Sikinos has always relied on agricultural economy. Even today one can see people cultivating the land using traditional ways.

για τη Σίκινο
      Αγροτική ζωή


Agricultural products

Wine, grapes, olive oil, cereals and dairy are typical products of Sikinos.
Lately bee-keeping is flourishing as an increasing number of young people are producing excellent quality honey.



Central Square

The central square of Hora is a meeting place for locals and visitors.




White-washing of churches, alleys and the stone walls of the village is nessecary before celebrations.