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Sikinos has three settlements: Alopronia, Horio and Kastro.

Alopronia is the name of the small and tranquil port of Sikinos. The largest beach of Sikinos, Livadi, is adjacent to Alopronia, where one can enjoy excellent swimming or a delicious meal at the tavernas by the seaside. A supermarket, a hotel and rooms to let are available in Alopronia. A coffee at the coffee shops along the pier berofe the evening stroll is highly recommended. Bars are also available for a night drink. Take the bus to Hora and Episkopi temple. Take the boat for excursions to the secluded beaches all around the island.

Hora of Sikinos (i.e. capital city) lies 3,5 Km up the road from Alopronia. Hora consists of two settlements, facing each other, only a few hundred metres away: Horio (i.e. the village) and Kastro (i.e. the castle).

Horio, the oldest settlement, is a small labyrinth of alleys, old houses, quaint arches, passageways, hidden corners, blossomed orchards and stone steps. Once you get there do take heed of the silent sound of an old, long-gone world. This sound is not to be disregarded: it is the quintessence of what Sikinos has to offer.

Kastro, built on the edge of a 280 m. high cliff, is a fortressed settlement (hence the name) of the 15th century. Here beats the island's heart : shops, cafes, tavernas and the central -or more accurately the only- square are the core of the island's social life. Wander around to discover old stone mansions, the golden-painted wood-carved temple in Pantanassa church and old icons at the Byzantine Collection.