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The beaches of Sikinos are to be found in small coves, in protected bays, at the feet of rocky cliffs, at the mouths of small gorges. They are small and most of them are secluded and wild.
Alopronia, Agios Georgios and Dialiskari can be accessed by car. For the rest you either take the caique or you walk.

Marred by development? There is a tendency in Cyclades to construct useless and harmful roads leading to the most secluded and unspoiled spots, thus sacrificing both the magic of the landscape and the delicate flora and fauna of the place. This is NOT the case in Sikinos.
Visitors should help and encourage locals to protect their island by not demanding facilities that alter, and eventually destroy, the so far unspoilt natural environment of Sikinos.

Χάρτης Παραλιών

Map and beaches for Google Earth: KMZ